Birth Control Should Be Free and Easily Accessible

A new study has proven something very simple and very important: removing cost barriers drastically increases chances that women will use contraceptives. If we truly wanted to decrease the amount of unwanted pregnancies, unwanted children and abortion, making birth control free would be the best step to take. 

Sign this petition if you want to see the U.S. make birth control free for all. 

If cost is prohibitive to someone using birth control, they also may not be able to afford raising a child! The truth is: women know what's best for them. And we should be doing everything we can to support their choices. Abortion is expensive, inaccessible in many states and a hassle. And while it's necessary sometimes, everyone's lives would be easier if women could more easily prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the first place. 

Rather than supporting accessible birth control, some conservatives support teaching abstinence. This is both unreasonable and unnecessary. Sex is fabulous and women should be able to safely indulge in sex with men if they want to. Not to mention, abstinence-only education education doesn't work; in fact, it results in earlier sexual activity and higher rates of unwanted pregnancy and STIs. 

Essentially, our society would be much better off if women had easy, free access to birth control. If we choose to foot the bill for it as a society, we will be saving a lot of money in the long run. Women need to be able choose when and how to become parents. 

Sign on if you want free birth control in the U.S. 
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