I Demand an end to racial inequality this has been going on for to long!

For so long racial justice has been up and in the air because of police brutality or maybe just simply racism. Racism is even in the court system even though they claim that our country is equal but yet they still are killing people whether you are black or hispanic you don't deserve to feel threatened by the law that is supposed to protect you.Inequalities Between Whites and African Americans In order for us to work towards a more racially equal society, we need to know what type of social policies contribute to racial inequalities. Then, we need to either change those social policies or get rid of them completely. Rothstein focuses mainly on housing policies, which segregated African Americans from whites. Now America's middle class, which consist of mainly Blacks and Hispanics are under invasion. This is what I call Racial and Ethnic Inequality. A race is defined as a person's physical features, such as their hair, eye color, bone structure, and the icing on top of the cake a person's skin color. Ethnic inequality is being bias, one-sided, or discriminating towards an ethnic group. Throughout these years, racial hierarchies have been defined and created by the people's recognition of inferior people. Skin color is one of many ways inferiority has been seen throughout history and even to this day. The only reason changes in interpretation of race came to be possible was because of regulations that were put into place throughout those years. Social inequality is a recurring problem throughout, not only the country, but the world. There are all kinds of inequalities throughout the world, and without any person or thing creating awarenesses this will induce more pandemonium. With that being said, in order to terminate racial inequality, people that are capable of bringing awareness to it need to start producing familiarity locally because it will suddenly erupt onto a more global impact.

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