This Poor Horse Was Wrapped in Barbed Wire - Charge Energy Transfer Partners with Animal Cruelty

We oppose the Bayou Bridge Pipeline due to its environmental impacts to the Atchafalaya Basin, the threat it poses to drinking water for the Houma Nation and millions of other Louisiana citizens, and its role in exacerbating climate change. We can now add one more concern to the list: animal welfare due to Energy Transfer Partners' negligent actions while building the pipeline.

While monitoring the proposed Bayou Bridge route yesterday, we found this beautiful, but trapped, relative from horse nation. From the looks of it, workers had cut the barbed wire and knocked over the fence on an easement in Jeff Davis Parish to perform a task. When finished they just packed up and left, leaving local livestock - like our friend here, to become entangled in ETP's sloppy and incompetent ways. You can even see Energy Transfer Partners' easement flag behind the horse.

This is what happens when you bring in so many out-of-state workers. They do not have the connection to our lands, waters, or families as Louisiana workers would. That way ETP can ignore general good-neighbor practices, such as simply closing a fence behind them.

Luckily our crew had wire cutters, it looked like the horse had been stranded this way for a while. Sign this petition and urge the Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff to investigate and charge ETP with negligence and animal cruelty.

We need to send a clear message to ETP that their sloppy construction practices will not be allowed and must not continue. Our water, and our lives are at stake.

For more photos of the injured horse, see our FB post, and then follow us for updates on our fight for justice.

Mettre À Jour #1il y a 7 mois
Wow! Over 100K folks are speaking out for this poor horse! Thank you!! Unfortunately, Energy Transfer Partners is still escaping accountability for its horrible pipeline construction practices. NOW the state legislature wants to make it illegal for us to protest the Bayou Bridge pipeline. Can you sign and share our new petition urging the Statehouse and the Governor to reject this ridiculous bill? Thanks again!
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