Walk out when clocked out.

    In order to foster a productive and synergetic work environment; workplace moral must be strong. Since punctuality is encouraged in the workplace to respect company time and maintain adequate workflow, we therefore must encourage the same punctuality when clocking out and leaving the building is concerned. It’s important to make sure time spent in the workolace is a consensual agreement between both management and employees; once an employee, paid for their time, on a clock in/out system, is no longer clocked into a scheduled shift.

    On the topic of administrative and managerial responsibility to the store and its assets; this should extend only to the time which an employee is scheduled and clocked in, and any cooperation by employees in this area should continue to be the priority of all employees during this time. Actions by all employed can be taken to accomplish this during clocked in times and need not exceed scheduled time at work without monetary payroll compensation. Additionally, if a schedule needs to be altered to include compensation time when an employee(s)’ scheduled time has ended for the day, a request for flash schedule alteration correspondence between management and employees is at this time requested to allow employees to adjust their personal lives and off-shift time constrains to this extension of employee responsibility toward a dynamic work-time responsibility.

    We the employees would like to offer our encouragement for management to provide a written alternative guideline, for employees to observe, when following instructions to remain on the premises; after clocked in work hours have ended. If rapid add-on schedule changes or non-compensated employee attendance is required in the workplace or at any other location by direct authority of management. Alternatively we welcome a team building exercise where we can brainstorm ways to accommodate the need for employees to be present and assist in management’s closing routines; while being compensated for their time and with transparency of after hours work requirements.
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