Demand the Louisiana legislature vote down the barbaric bill to make abortion a homicide!

  • par: OD Action
  • destinataire: Louisiana State House

As if their draconian anti-abortion ban wasn't enough, deranged misogynist Louisiana legislators are doubling down on their war on women and are now considering a bill to make abortion not just a felony but a homicide, with all the severe punishments that accompany it.

The potential impacts of this law are shocking to consider. Women with life-threatening pregnancies would be treated as murderers, facing decades in prison for saving their own lives. Rape victim and incest victims would be forced to make an unimaginably monstrous choice. Even families who produce nonviable embryos for in vitro fertilization could all be charged with murder.

Tell the Louisiana legislature to stop this wildly unreasonable bill that literally criminalizes nonviable pregnancies!

"What this bill does is to specifically amend the crime of homicide and the crime of criminal battery to enable the state to charge people, including the pregnant person - the pregnant mother - at any stage of gestation," says lawyer Ellie Schilling.

The bill has passed committee on a 7-2 vote and now goes to the legislature to consider. We need to make our voices heard and make sure that women are not treated as murderers for making difficult healthcare choices!

Demand the Louisiana legislature vote down the barbaric bill to make abortion a homicide!

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