Bowie's Law Would Protect Animals From Unnecessary Euthanization!

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: California Lawmakers

Currently, shelters in California are not required to give any public notice if a pet is going to be euthanized. This means that innocent, adoptable animals may be unnecessarily euthanized every year simply because members of the public do not know that they are available! Thankfully, a new bill could change that.

Sign now to demand California lawmakers pass Bowie's Law!

Bowie's Law, or Assembly Bill 595, would require 72-hour public notice before an animal at a shelter can be euthanized. The bill is named after Bowie, a sweet, three-month-old puppy who was actively being sought after for adoption by Underdog Heroes Rescue, but was "mistakenly" euthanized anyway. 

There are so many advocates, families, and nonprofits actively trying to adopt animals across the state, and Bowie's Law would help make sure no more innocent animals have to suffer Bowie's fate.

There is no reason animals should be euthanized within just days of being found or rescued. In fact, that's not a rescue at all, that's a death sentence. Sign now to tell the California state legislature: protect innocent animals and pass Bowie's Law today!

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