These Politicians Think Students Sleeping In Their Cars Is The Solution to Expensive Housing

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: California Legislators
Going to college is becoming more and more expensive, keeping it out of reach for more and more people. Compounding the expense of tuition and books is the heinous cost of living, especially in certain parts of the United States. The problem is so severe that many college students in expensive areas in California are choosing to live in their cars.

However, sleeping in your car is illegal in many places, leaving these students vulnerable to criminal charges just for being poor! Now legislators in one area in California are aiming to pass a bill making it legal to sleep in your car. But this completely misses the actual problem: educaiton and housing are too expensive! 

That's why we are calling on California legislators to focus on the major problem: keeping housing prices down. Will you sign the petition asking California to work towards a solution to the problem of many students being forced to sleep in their cars?

People should not have to live in their cars for 4 years and still graduate with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt in order to get an education. The system is broken and laws like making living in your car legal totally miss the actual problem. Obviously students (and other people) shouldn't be criminalized for living in their cars if that's the only option available to them. That's just criminalizing poverty, which we do in all kinds of ways in the U.S. So yes, this bill should pass. But it doesn't solve the actual problem.

Tell California legislators they must do something to make it possible for people to live indoors AND access education. That shouldn't even have to be said, but apparently it does.
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