Flamboyan support

    Hi Flamboyan family!

    As you are aware, it has been a while since we have reached out to our family to update you on what has been going on.

    Following our last Carnival on the road in 2019, there has been some significant issues that have prevented us from operating normally.

    At present, our building has since been closed due to major works needed and it is for this reason we have been unable to provide our members with the usual Flamboyan experience.

    We are working with Westminster City Council to get things back on track and are asking for your help to do this.

    Can you kindly provide a short statement/paragraph on the impact Flamboyan not being operational has had on you and how you will benefit from Flamboyan’s return.

    This would definitely support our efforts for future funding.

    Love Flamboyan

    “Nothing Beats Experience
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