Greyhound Racing Is Causing Serious Overbreeding Problems in Australia

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Australian State Legislators and Animal Welfare Authorities

Australia's greyhounds are facing a crisis, caught in a cycle of overbreeding fueled by the racing industry. As a result, hundreds of these gentle animals are being sent far from home to the US, not out of choice but necessity -- a dire shortage of local homes forces them into long journeys for a chance at a peaceful life. This is the harsh reality of an industry out of control.

Sign the petition to demand Australian lawmakers to enact a nationwide ban on greyhound racing. 

Animal welfare advocates reveal that the root of this desperate situation is the massive overbreeding of greyhounds, driven by demands of a sport that values profit over the well-being of its stars. The outcome? Innocent lives are uprooted, and many more remain in limbo, waiting for homes that are too few and far between.

Our call is clear and urgent: Ban greyhound racing across Australia. Such a ban would directly tackle the issue of overbreeding, ensuring greyhounds are no longer produced beyond what our communities can support. It's a necessary step to protect these animals from the cycle of exploitation and abandonment they currently face.

Our call is clear and urgent: Ban greyhound racing across Australia.

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