Help Us Keep the Rainbow House ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    Hi my name is Taylor, and recently I painted my house to match my flag. I spent four weeks painting my entire house. Once it was finished, I received a letter from the city saying, I had two weeks to repaint the entire thing or I would be fined $750 A DAY. Apparently (only one)of my neighbors has a problem with the rainbow flag. As they've made comments to the other neighbors, they were going to the city to complain an MAKE me change it. Their yard is in several violations of clearly stated city code. And is an eyesore. Made up of random tarps Instead of properly landscaping it. When I referenced the code the city sited me with, it was very vague an not clearly listed that I had broken any 'rules'. The paper I got, they typed out other* at the bottom then went into detail w specifics only to my situation. When I looked up city code conduct online none of that was in there online or listed. (Building design code sec. 35-5501(4)(a)(b)  Theres several other houses in Moline with different color schemes or bright colors🤷, I feel like I'm being singled out. Like it's ok for them,  but not for me? 🤔 One house, which is the old penny candy store has the same colors as mine!. Just a few blocks away. I went there as young as 5 an it's been the same ever since! I think it's wrong to not be able to paint YOUR home that you OWN, the color of your choosing. I put a lot of time and dedication into this. I'm VERY proud of it. I put in a lot of hard work, my two children also had fun an painted some in the back as well. Due to certain issues we spend nearly all of our time at home, even before covid. My oldest has cerebral palsy an he was elated to paint the vivid colors. He has challenges with sensory issues an this was great for him. Our house now makes him squeal w delight. I've got nothing but positive feedback from people telling me how much they enjoy it. People walk by my house an smile, you can't help it.🙂 It feels good to spread positivity an happiness an to share my art with others. I didn't put anything offensive on my house, just colors 🤷 This person is 'offended' by the rainbow an because of that, I'm being told to change my artistic expression on my own property an tone it down, or face a fine of $750 A DAY!!! I just wanted to make our home self expressive of who we are, and have it be something beautiful and unique that we can be proud of. Id like to inspire others to express themselves. We shouldn't all have to just be a white house, against a background  of dull blandness. It's ok to be different or to stand out. It's ok to accept things/people that are different then you!! . You shouldn't be fined for personalizing your home to suit your personal tastes or style. An my neighbor shouldn't get a say in what color MY home is. This is not a gated community with a home owners association! PLEASE sign my petition to show you support me, if you think I should be able to keep my home the way it is, an not be forced to completely repaint my home or incur fines of $750 a day, due to my neighbors unreasonable complaint. We need to be building each other up in times like these an coming together, an giving each other support, showing love an acceptance. Instead of being so judgemental an trying to tear each other down because of our differences. Please feel free to share this an pass this along! I'm on a fast approaching deadline to be able to keep my rainbow house. I have two weeks to get as many signitures as I can, to show community support, and change the cities mind or face hefty fines. Please help us keep the rainbow house!!! Thank you for taking the time and interest to read this. Freedom, Individuality, acceptance and self expression Mean a lot to us! Hope it does you too! 

    ❤️🧡💛💚💜💙 -Taylor
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