Farrah Abraham Dyed Her Dogs' Fur Again

Farrah Abraham has been at the center of a lot of controversy, and the most recent news involves her dyeing the fur on her two dogs' heads and bodies. It's simple: dogs don't need or want to be dyed. As an influencer, Abraham's actions could encourage others to copy her without doing the proper research to keep their pets safe. 

Sign now to tell Instagram to deplatform Farrah Abraham after her animal abuse!

Dyeing fur is inexcusable. At best it makes them slightly uncomfortable, and at worst it can be painful and dangerous. 

Even if Abraham wanted to glam her two pups up, she could have easily bought them a cute coat or outfit to wear. But humans dyeing their pet's fur is purely to satisfy their own desires – and no animal deserves to suffer so that their owner can think they look "cuter."

As an influencer, Farrah Abraham literally makes money off of views and likes on Instagram. The social media company should not tolerate publicizing animal abuse any longer! It is time Instagram deplatform Farrah Abraham to stop the promotion of inhumane practices against dogs!

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