Live Animals Shouldn't Be Mascots — Save Mike the Tiger Now

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: LSU President F. King Alexander
For the past few weeks, students all across the country have been heading back to school to embark on a brand new semester. But at Louisiana State University (LSU), the first day of school wasn't just for students — it also marked the first day for Mike VII, the school's most recent live mascot.

Please sign this petition if you believe animals should be free, not held captive to be used as mascots.

Mike VII isn't the first tiger mascot LSU has used. In fact, he's the seventh tiger — hence the name. His predecessor died last year from terminal cancer after living his last years confined in a limited space only to be allowed outside for display at football games.

While the university has made efforts to improve the quality of the tiger's enclosure, increasing its size and adding a variety of outdoor activities, it is cruel to sentence a tiger to such captivity. Animals are not here for our amusement.

Please sign this petition urging Louisiana State University to end the use of live tigers as mascots and release Mike the Tiger now.

Photo credit: Facebook
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