Keep Batumi Beautiful

  • par: Gocha Goguadze
  • destinataire: We are against construction the multi-functional chemical terminal in the heart of Batumi

Dear Colleagues,
My native city, Batumi, is located in the south-west of Georgia, at the Black seaside. Batumi is a green capital of our ancient country and the most popular touristic destination in the south Caucasus and middle Asia...
In June 08-10, 2016 in Batumi had been held the 22-nd session of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) where were signed two very important initiatives:
1. Batumi Initiative on Green Economy (BIG-E);
2. Batumi Action for Cleaner Air (BACA).

In May 18, 2018, in the partnership with European Commission, we organized in Batumi a high-level international conference ' Green Cities For A Greener Future' where Batumi was declared as a Green Capital of Georgia...
In January 14, 2019 the local and national government of Georgia and private investors decided to build into Batumi sea port the multi-functional chemical terminal. They didn't inform locals , they have not organized a round-table discussions, they at once more have shown us that they are Bosses and green and sustainable future of  Batumi, the healthy and save life of our kids are not between their priorities. We, citizens of Batumi, are against construction of the chemical terminal into heart of our city where nearby (only 55 meters !) live people and are located the beaches, hotels, cafes, restaurants and well known Batumi Boulevard...
More than 10 000 locals signed petition against chemical terminal and the number of signatures has been growing up daily...
Georgia only builds up democratic state and we have huge economic problems, the tourism is the main issue for development of our economics, the PM of Georgia, Mr. Mamuka Bakhtadze, has declared this year as a year of Green Economy, but in reality Georgian government has decided "to kill" Batumi as a green capital of Georgia and if that project will be realized our native city will lose any real perspectives for healthy future of our kids. 'Children are born to be happy', but as we see Batumi soon will be exception...

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