Identify and Charge Men Who Dragged Shark by Speed Boat!

  • destinataire: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
A disturbing new video making the rounds on social media shows a shark being dragged behind a high-speed boat. Three men in the boat laugh and point as the shark flails violently, slamming into the boat and the water repeatedly.

These callous individuals must be identified and charged with animal cruelty immediately!

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has already launched an investigation. Please sign this petition to keep pressure on the FWC to identify and charge these men. This shark deserves justice.
Mettre À Jour #1il y a 4 ans
Four men have been identified as the perpetrators of this crime, but they haven't been arrested or charged yet. Please share this petition so we can keep the pressure on and ensure these men pay the consequences for their cruelty.
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