Gender Equality

Sometimes, we sees some unfriendly article to LGBTQIA+ posted by homophobic people. The homophobic have false stereotype on different sexual orientation people as well.
Their behaviors result in great hurt on LGBTQIA+. They express some discriminatory comments which cause bully and suicide. Because of ignorance and some negative reports, they misunderstand LGBTQIA+. We need to get more understanding in order to not misunderstand LGBTQIA+. If you want to get more information about LGBTQIA+, you will join some lecture, workshop or movie appreciation which is held by nongovernmental foundation. Moreover, we need to be careful of our speech next time, so as not to hurt them.
All men are created equal. You can unaccept LGBTQIA+ but you need to respect them.
Let's create a surrounding of LGBTQIA+ friendly!

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