SUPPORT a proposal to United Nations for an 'International day of Volcanoes' to be recognised on 10th April

  • par: Jeannie C
  • destinataire: United Nations General Assembly

We are... Tanguy De Saint-Cyr, owner of French volcano tour company, Aventure et Volcans that came up with the concept for an 'International Day of Volcanoes' and Jeannie Curtis, a New Zealand technical writer and educator. We are proposing an 'International Day of Volcanoes' to be observed officially by the United Nations and we are asking that the U.N. General Assembly please consider a resolution for establishing an 'International Day of Volcanoes' on 10th April every year.

The date of 10th April has no recognised international day and we propose this date for the following reason: On 10 April 1815 Gunung (Mount) Tambora in Indonesia erupted and generated massive pyroclastic flows and tsunami that instantly killed 10,000 locals, who were unaware of the danger.

The massive eruption injected huge amounts of aerosols into the Earth's stratosphere, causing a global haze which reflected back the incoming sunlight and cooled our planet by half a degree (celsius).

This affected our planet's climate for 3 years, causing famine and crop failure, resulting in another 60,000 more human deaths globally - as well as affecting agriculture, animals, and fauna.

Tambora is still the deadliest eruption in recorded history, and 10th April is a date in which the people of the World can reflect upon...

  • Humanitarian services to eruption victims and refugees
  • Destruction of human communities, crops and animals
  • Long term climate effects of volcanic emissions and large eruptions
  • Celebrate and nurture our constantly improving disaster reduction practices
  • Natural resources such as geothermal energy, gas and water
  • Support of volcano monitoring and implementing new technologies, disaster awareness and mitigation
  • New research and a much better understanding of volcanic systems and their behaviours 
  • Awareness of eruption secondary effects such as tsunami, pyroclastic flows, lahars
  • Formation of new land and islands
  • Provision of enriched minerals for human agriculture, construction, mining and industry
  • Creation of new life forms and new habitats
  • National Parks providing conservation to flora and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Locations for trekking, tourism and activities such as photography
  • Health benefits of minerals for medicines, tonics, therapy and spas
  • Inspiration for music, song, culture, myth, artists, poets and writers

Tambora is the only volcano in recorded history that impacted the entire globe and all of it's inhabitants. The anniversary of 10th April can become an annual date for safety drills in populated areas near active volcanoes and/or volcanism and for the promotion of volcano-hazard education  in the media, educational institutions and in the general community. 

We first proposed this idea to our volcano friends and colleagues via social media and have received unanimous support from volcanologists and volcano friends around the world.

We would like to pursue this journey, following correct protocols. The first step was to contact the United Nations, who responded that the process is to discuss this with our Government to take the idea to the UN to try and formulate a resolution, to go to the General Assembly to be voted on by all the other members states from around the world to get agreement then it becomes and International Day".

We have officially submitted this request to the New Zealand Government and are in the process of completing submissions to the Governments of France and Costa Rica. Now, we seek your assistance to make a formal submission to your own Government can be presented to the United Nations.

We are seeking 70,000 names (one for every life lost in the 10th April 1815 Tambora eruption); and, for this proposal to be submitted to all Governments of the World to present the proposal to the United Nations General Assembly using the correct protocols.

Thank you for your time and support, we wish you all happy day!

regards Tanguy and Jeannie

#InternationalDayOfVolcanoes #10April

HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT 'International Day of Volcanoes' on 10th April?
- Use hashtags in social media :


- Share AND Promote this petition in digital, social and print media
- READ AND COMPLETE this petition...

HOW CAN YOU ACTIVELY HELP 'International Day of Volcanoes' on 10th April?
Write or email a letter to your Government requesting that this proposal be presented to United Nations General Assembly - please feel free to use any of this text to assist with your submission.

For all informal discussion regarding the proposed 'International Day of Volcanoes', Tanguy De Saint-Cyr has set up a Facebook group: This can be accessed at: International Day of Volcanoes Discussion Group


This initiative belongs to Tanguy De Saint-Cyr, who wrote in January 2018....

"Yes, I wish there was an International Day of Volcanoes. There are about 10,000 on the surface of the earth, double under the seas and oceans. Present in five continents, sometimes responsible for catastrophic and destructive eruptions, volcanoes are particularly generous in the long term.
Nearly 500 million people currently live near volcanoes in the world because the man immediately understood that they are synonymous with life and that the advantages and benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

From the Stone Age men learned to sculpt volcanic rocks like obsidian and to use pumice stone as an abrasive.

Volcanic rocks and ash can be used as building materials. The volcanic ash fertilizes the soil and enriches the water with mineral salts. Volcanoes produce huge quantities of raw materials like sulfur, copper, iron, but also precious stones and metals such as diamonds, silver and gold.

Volcanoes are also huge and unsuspected energy reserves. Geothermal energy, a mechanism that uses the heat of the subsoil to produce 100% clean electricity or simply to heat it, would be more than enough to produce the entire electrical needs of our planet.

Finally, tourism increasingly attracted by the beauty of eruptive phenomena and magnificent volcanic landscapes now brings to life many communities that were unaware of a short time ago that one day they could make profits from these mountains of fire.

So, one day a year we should celebrate the volcanoes and thank them for all the benefits, knowing that without them life would not have been possible on our planet."

Do you agree with me? If so, share my initiative and use the hashtags below."

International Day of Volcanoes
Mettre À Jour #3il y a 3 ans
3rd UNOFFICIAL International Day of Volcanoes April 10 2020

Please start to get your original* volcano images ready using hashtag #InternationalDayOfVolcanoes.

*Use your own photos/drawings, or have permission so we can share them. Images should be related to volcanoes AND mention International Day of Volcanoes (in any language).

Thank you for your support
Mettre À Jour #2il y a 5 ans
Welcome to Fiji !!! We now have supporters from 89 nations ...for a proposed U.N. 'International Day of Volcanoes'

That's 89 Governments that will receive formal submissions to present to UN General Assembly in September 2018. We seek 70,000 signatures, one for every life lost in Tambora eruption 10 April 1815
Thank you all for your support. We need MORE signatures - please SHARE this petition
#InternationalDayOfVolcanoes #10April
Mettre À Jour #1il y a 6 ans
For all informal discussion regarding the proposed 'International Day of Volcanoes', Tanguy De Saint-Cyr has set up a Facebook group: This can be accessed at:
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