Indonesia: End capture & export of wild monkeys to laboratories

  • par: Action For Primates
  • destinataire: Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry E-mail: and

The government of Indonesia is allowing the capture and export of long-tailed macaques for research and toxicity (poisoning) testing to resume. In 2021, it gave the go-ahead for over 2,000 monkeys to be trapped in the wild and exported to laboratories. Hundreds have subsequently been captured, torn from their natural habitat, family and social groups.

Harrowing footage released by Action for Primates has revealed the cruelty and suffering trapping inflicts on these wild monkeys; the brutal capture methods, gratuitous violence and a callous and indifferent attitude by the trappers towards the monkeys. There were also breaches in international animal welfare guidelines. Use this link to view short video on the trapping:

Monkeys were forcibly removed from their natural habitat and family groups. With arms pinned behind their backs, they were stuffed into sacks or forced into crates. Infants and mothers were separated, causing distress in both; other monkeys suffered injuries. In one appalling act of brutality, a male monkey was beaten and killed -- his throat cut with a machete.

This must stop! The Indonesian government is expected to continue allowing thousands of monkeys to be captured from the wild and exported to laboratories. Please join us in calling for an end to this brutal trade.

Action for Primates

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