Physician Whistleblower Protection

Patient safety whistleblower Jacob Neufeld, M.D. (Dr. J), died by suicide after a retaliatory "impairment" allegation by his hospital that ended his career. As the sole doctor caring for medically fragile children, Dr. J was forced to abandon thousands of his beloved patients in Idaho for an unwarranted "rehabilitation program" in Mississippi. His mandated monthslong absence immediately endangered his patients' lives.

Dr. J's dying wish is that we investigate the events preceding his suicide to prevent more doctor suicides.

Whistleblowers, common targets for false "impairment" allegations, are to be protected by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for alleged "disabilities." We urge Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate ADA offenses by medical boards and physician health programs (PHPs) that routinely weaponize psychiatry against our doctors.

US Senators Wyden, Merkely, and Booker cited similar concerns in their urgent DOJ demand letter:

"Troublingly, there have also been reports of unwanted mental health support or assessments as physicians have reported retaliatory inquiries into physical, mental, or emotional health and referrals to impaired practitioner programs."

Competent physicians who disclose mental health issues are often flagged "impaired" and sent to PHPs.

As patients, we demand protection of our doctors by ending (1) broad release of protected health information for state licensure; (2) unlawful, invasive mental health queries by employers and boards leading to (3) retaliatory, groundless PHP "impairment" referrals.

With one of the highest suicide rates of any profession, our doctors need confidential help, not state-sanctioned punishment in violation of federal law. We implore DOJ to investigate systemic disability abuse and hold accountable hospitals, residencies, state boards, and PHPs for violating ADA rights of our doctors and physician whistleblowers.

Read Dr. J's Whistleblower's Wish & sign petition (& please add a comment).

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