Do NOT Punish Crazy's Claws N Paws!!!

A woman in Wayne County, North Carolina named Tammie Hedges is in trouble after she sheltered more than two dozen family pets from Hurricane Florence. Now, she could even face charges.

Through her non-profit called Crazy's Claws n Paws, Hedges works with struggling low-income families by helping them to pay veterinary bills, buy pet supplies, and assisting with other needs.

Right now, Hedges is actively transforming a warehouse space along a highway into a shelter for pets that were impacted by the storm. She has offered up the converted warehouse as a shelter where pets could stay while their human families fled the area.

Supporters have offered her donations so that she could supply the shelter with crates, food, and other necessary resources for the animals. Others have volunteered for her cause, staying with the animals to care for them 24 hours a day.

In all, Hedges and the volunteers were caring for 27 animals, including 10 dogs and 17 cats.

After the hurricane had passed, Hedges received a call from Frank Sauls, the county's animal service manager. Apparently he told her: "You can voluntarily hand over the animals, or I can go get a warrant." After that, animal control officials came to the shelter and seized every single animal.

Hedges is now facing the possibility of criminal charges, and her organization could be fined. All this, just because she rescued helpless animals during a crisis.

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UPDATE 9/25/18, 4:22 PM: Tammie has been made aware of the charges being dismissed, but is waiting for confirmation before an official statement is made. You all have been the voice of defenseless animals and Thank you, everyone, for your support and please share!
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UPDATE: 9/21/2018: Tammie has been released on an unsecured bond of $10k. She has multiple charges against her. Her court date is 10/17 at 1:30pm in Courtroom 3 at the Wayne County Courthouse. She has a consultation with a lawyer next Tuesday afternoon.
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As of today, Tammie Hedges (owner of Crazy’s Paws N Claws) has just been arrested and taken to county jail. They sent two cars full of men to arrest this 4’ 10’’ compassionate woman. Charged with practicing veterinarian medicine and some other charges they didn’t “know” and didn’t “specify”. This is NOT right!!!
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