CPS is nothing more than a child trafficking organization. The social workers are a bunch of scum bags who will do anything including lie under oath to ensure that they get their federal funds and bonuses. They care nothing about children. Only 10% of cases reported to CPS are actually about "abuse" and the fact people can call just to be vindictive and malicious and ruin someone else's life without even having to admit who they are is ridiculous. Stop the ability to let people hide and not say who they are when they're making these anonymous reports. Only people who can say who they are should be allowed to even be heard. Anyone else should be hung up on. If someone REALLY sees a child being abused, they sure as hell shouldn't call some stupid social worker, they should be calling the POLICE! But that's because most of the calls to CPS hotlines are jealous family members and spouses etc. It's a sick and twisted way that utterly pathetic people use to try to get back at others. Whoever can do such a thing.... mess with someone's child for their own personal gratification.... should be shot. Round them all up and shoot them point blank in the face as they do not deserve to continue to live just so they can ruin someone else's life that they will eventually get jealous of. Children are not for sale and no government agency should make a profit off of them! Abolish CPS and each and every repulsive social worker employed there. Personally, I feel that every employee of that agency should be in prison as THEY are the ones abusing children and destroying families for their own financial gain. Disgusting. The only thing I can hope is that they will all get what they deserve, eventually.
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