"STOP Chem-trailing over UK skies and other nations too"

  • par: Peter Entwistle
  • destinataire: Environment and Governments across the world.

The UK government need to suspend Chem-trailing over the skies of the United Kingdom with immediate effect. Then carry out a survey on the quality of the air we breathe for various chemicals:, eg. Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, etc.. distributed into the air, by various airlines and independent airplanes.

It is very important to breathe in quality air, especially for the very young as they develop through life and for the elderly as they regress into a well earned retirement. But it is important that people of all ages breathe in fresh quality air.
The Chem-trails that are being distributed filter down rapidly into the air we breathe and this is the main cause of many respiratory problems that citizens of the UK suffer from.

Please back this petition, to help generations that follow to breathe fresher air.

*Watch this YouTube on Chem-trailing https://youtu.be/DPnWaBsMYnY

Thank you. 

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