Denison tx. Terroristic thugs they call police attack you, assault you cause physical and emotional damage, not to mention financially. They say they can make you step out of your vehicle just for making a statement they don't like or if they just want to do bodily injury to you. Don't matter that I have video and photos of injuries and he put on the arrest details report Under injuries NONE!! That's why he denied medical attention when requested cause that would incriminate that officer. Instead he slaps ppl with resist arrest search or transport. WTH do you expect from ppl when you know their intentions aren't good to make you get out of your vehicle with no reason. With all that goes on today they should realize this. Then when they put their hands on you and start assaulting and trying to break your arm to get you out of the vehicle and all you have done is grab the steering wheel and hang on for dear life cause 1. Your still seatbelted in and 2 you are in fear foe tour life cause you don't know what this terroristic thug is going to so to you. Weather you comply or you don't they still attack you. They tries to assault me to take the phone to destroy video evidence. How do I know that's what he was after, you ask? Cause when I yelled ah no you aren't getting the phone. He immediately let go of me and turned and took a couple steps away from me. Idk what his beef was with us was. I know he profiles ppl and pulls over older model vehicles. People are scared to speak out in fear of what might happen if they pull them over again. Am I afraid kinda, but I want to put a stop to this shit!!
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