Save Justin Beaver! Ask Environment Canada to switch to no kill methods!

  • par: Nicole Corrado
  • destinataire: Environment Canada, City of Stratford Ontario, Town of Perth East

Recently, a beaver family has moved into Perth East (near Stratford) Ontario's Line 111 and The Avon Trail.  Environment Canada Water Monitoring Station. Environment Canada responded by hiring a trapper to place underwater traps. The City of Stratford, Town of Perth East, and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority were not aware of the trapping, which has stopped for now. There is no confirmation whether or not the trapper killed the beavers, or removed the traps after public pressure.

The City of Stratford currently allows wildlife trapping in its animal bylaws. The Town of Perth East, where the trapping occurred, does not protect wildlife in its bylaws either.  We would like the City of Stratford to amend section 2.18 of its Animal Bylaw to ban lethal and injury causing traps for any animal.  We would like Perth East to change its animal control bylaws to an animal protection bylaw.

We would like Environment Canada to change its wildlife management policies to humane no kill methods only.  Killing beavers does not solve problems. There are far more humane and effective ways to live with beavers, like beaver deceivers and wrapping trees with wire.

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