Abdul Hamid President of Bangladesh: Lion starved to death in Comilla zoo, Bangladesh.

  • par: Ophie Jones
  • destinataire: Camilla Zoo in Bangladesh, President Abdul Hamid of Bangladesh

Shut down this zoo which is starving its animals!

For months, Juboraj the lion was starving to death in Comilla Zoo in Bangladesh. He spent most of his days laying down without moving, and would very rarely eat.

The staff removed him from view so that his emaciated body wouldn't upset the public anymore, but he was still in critical condition. Finally, in December 2017, he passed away. He spent his entire 18-year life in zoos, first at Chittagong and then at Comilla.

But other animals are still in danger at this zoo. Eight monkeys, three moorfowls and three deer are among the others that need rescue from this facility. Even the public knows there is a problem: seeing the emaciated lion and poor maintenance of the park, visitors have been disgusted and turnout is decreasing.

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