Justice for Emmaline

    Orange County Sheriff’s Department New York went to severe papers to the address of this home and they obviously didn’t check their records because the person who they wanted has not lived at this address for over six years.

    Emmalena went to greet the Deputy in a playful manner on her own private property. When the Deputy took it upon himself to shoot her twice in the face and once in the neck.

    On 2/1/23 Emmalena is coming home from the emergency vet having to learn how to eat again and her owners are thankful she’s alive. However they are left with a $13,000.00 emergency vet bill and created a GoFundMe for help.

    Many people feel that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is responsible for the emergency vet bill and should pay for it and the Deputies name should be said and charged. Orange County Sheriff’s Department has not commented on this matter to the News outlets or anyone who has asked questions.

    The families GoFundMe is


    News story is

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