Nestlé Is Filling Baby Food With Sugar in Poorer Countries. Demand Justice!

In a stark revelation of inequality, Nestlé has been exposed for adding sugar and honey to infant milk and cereal products aimed at children under three in poorer countries, while maintaining healthier standards in wealthier nations. This practice not only exhibits blatant colonialism and racism but also jeopardizes the health of vulnerable children.

Sign the petition to demand that Nestlé immediately eliminate these dangerous double standards and halt the addition of sugar in all products for children, worldwide. 

The reality of what Nestlé has been doing is horrible. In countries like Senegal and South Africa, certain cereals for babies as young as six months contain added sugars, contrasting sharply with the same products sold in Switzerland, which contain none.

This issue highlights a deeper, systemic problem where multinational corporations exploit lower-income countries by enforcing lower health standards, driven purely by profit motives. The inconsistency in Nestlé's product formulations across different regions reflects a disregard for the health of children in less affluent parts of the world.

Sign the petition to stand up to Nestlé's unethical practices and demand that Nestlé align its health standards globally!

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