Demand Justice For The Killing Of Enzo The Defenseless Dog

A video just surfaced of two cops and an animal control officer in Lodi, California, killing a defenseless dog after the dog Enzo accidentally got out on Tuesday. Police officers  Timothy Ivey and Chris Delgado tased Enzo the husky, and animal control officer Jordan Kranich dragged him, resulting in his death. He was accused of trying to bite a family which later turned out to be untrue. This situation could have been handled differently. Enzo was showing no aggression and DID NOT need to be tased or dragged. We are asking that all officers resign or be fired and that they are prosecuted, and that an ordinance or law be put in place so that another situation like this does not occur. Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition. You can contact the Lodi Police Department at 209-333-6728 and Lodi Animal Control at 209-333-6741.

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