Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" Caused 30% Spike in Youth Suicides!

In 2017, Netflix released the critically successful series "13 Reasons Why," based on the novel of the same name. It begins with the suicide of a high school student, Hannah, who leaves behind a collection of cassette tapes detailing the reasons and people that pushed her to take her own life.

Mental health experts and some critics worried that the series romanticized suicide – and, based on a new study, it appears the initial release of "13 Reasons Why" may have caused a nearly 30 percent increase in suicides among Americans aged 10 to 17. As many as 195 additional suicides in this group were recorded during this period.

This is unacceptable. Netflix must cancel the third season and remove the first two from viewing. It is irresponsible to keep a piece of media out there that is directly causing vulnerable young people to take their own lives. 

Netflix intends to release a third season of "13 Seasons Why" soon. Given the real-world effect the show is having on its young viewers, the streaming giant should cancel and remove the series. Add your name to this petition to tell Netflix that careless and dangerous depictions of mental health cannot be justified by viewer numbers and profit!

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