• par: Carrie Kopp
  • destinataire: President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in

This summer over 1,000,000 cats and dogs will be tortured to death in South Korea.

The Boknal Festival in Boknal, Korea will be held on the three hottest days of the year from July to August. Soon, the dog and cat meat markets of South Korea will begin the mass butchering of dogs, and cats. Many who partake in this festival believe pet meat has medicinal powers. Medical evidence does not support their claims. The most popular delicacy of this festival is Peppery Dog Meat Soup. 

These heinous acts of torture and killing must stop now and forever! People and all animal lovers around the world will not tolerate this.  We take an oath to not buy any products that are made in Korea, and we will boycott the Olympic games in 2018.

Sign this petition to condemn and end the Boknal Dog Meat Festival!

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