The Mother, The Woman

    In Taiwan, which is so developed today. It seems that women’s rights have been attached with great importance and a complete mechanism is in place to protect women . In fact, this is not the case.
    When women enter the workplace, they often face the problem of childbirth. Although the government has regulations for taking maternity leave, some companies will put pressure on it to prevent female employees from taking leave.
    When women enter the family, they are often asked to serve in-laws and take care of children. They are forced to give up their jobs and dream. They have no other choice.
    But we can let more people discover this problem through parades and other means. Let the government pay more attention to this issue and use law and education to improve.
    There are still many women's rights neglected in the society, and people’s attention and solutions are needed. We should urge the government and ourselves to improve this problem to protect women’s rights.
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