Children need access to clean water in schools across the US!

  • par: The Care2 Team
  • destinataire: U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona
Flint, Michigan became infamous for disastrous levels of lead water poisoning, leaving families and children without access to safe water. Unfortunately, Flint is not alone. For around one year, the water fountains in all 106 public schools in the Detroit Public Schools were dry due to concerns about contamination. Access was only restored in late 2019, shortly before COVID-19 hit.

But even worse, Flint isn't alone. Poisoned and contaminated water is common in schools across the U.S., meaning we're exposing our young people to dangerous chemicals even in the most basic necessity of all: water. Sign the petition to get this cleaned up, now! 

In Baltimore, officials at multiple schools have been using bottled water for drinking since 2007, when tests revealed the presence of elevated lead levels there.

Why is there no federal nationwide requirement for water testing in schools?

Now that schools are re-opening across the country in the midst of a pandemic, ensuring our children's safety is more important than ever.

Please ask Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to institute a nationwide requirement for water testing in schools. Anything less is unconscionable!
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