Save The Cape Cod Times

    The Cape Cod Times has been a staple of the Cape Cod community for over 90 years. However, in recent years, the newspaper has been owned by large corporations that have little connection to the local community. This has resulted in a decline in quality and relevance to the people of Cape Cod.

    According to a study by Pew Research Center, local newspapers are more trusted than national news sources. This is because they are seen as more connected to their communities and better able to report on issues that affect their readers.

    Bringing The Cape Cod Times back to local ownership would not only improve the quality of reporting but also support local businesses and jobs. Local ownership means that profits stay within the community instead of being sent off to corporate headquarters elsewhere.

    Furthermore, studies have shown that communities with strong local media outlets have higher voter turnout rates and more engaged citizens. The Cape Cod Times can play an important role in promoting civic engagement and informing voters about important issues affecting our community.

    We call on current owners GateHouse Media Inc., part of Gannett Co., Inc., to sell The Cape Cod Times back into local ownership where it belongs. Let's ensure that our voices are heard through high-quality journalism from reporters who understand our unique needs as residents of this beautiful region. Thus, we urge Gannett to sell the Cape Cod Times.

    - Pew Research Center: "Local News Outlets Have a Stronger Connection To Their Communities Than National Outlets"
    - Columbia Journalism Review: "The Importance Of Local News"
    - American Press Institute: "How Local News Builds Trust Among Readers"
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