Demand All Presidential Candidates Support Vaccines

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Vaccines have become controversial in the last few decades and it can all be traced back to a fake scientific study where data was falsified. The study said vaccines cause autism (they do not), and some people glommed on to the idea and became what are known not lovingly as "anti-vaxxers". The problem with these people is that they put our entire society, but especially the weakest among us, at extreme and unnecessary health risk. 

That's why we are asking every presidential candidate to publicly vow their support for this life saving medical intervention. 

Before vaccines, people died and suffered horrible from diseases like tuberculosis and measles. Vaccines have all but erradicated so many diseases and this dangerous anti-vax movement is bringing them back. In fact, there have been a bunch of measles outbreaks recently. And measles is an especially scary disease because not only can it kill you, but it's extremely painful, extremely contagious AND if you get it, it literally wipes out your immune system's memory, meaning it makes you susceptible to diseases you have been immune to in the past. 

Marrianne Williamson is one of the most bizarre presidential candidates and she has said some pretty wild things about vaccinations. That's why we need to ask every candidate to let us know they will protect our society from completely preventable, deadly diseases. 

The reason that vaccination is not a personal choice issue is because of a thing called "herd immunity", which means that most people in a society need to be immunixed against a disease to make sure it can't spread. However, there are rare medical exceptions where vaccinations are dangerous for people. Usually these people are tiny babies, very old people and people with severe medical issues. In other words: the weakest among us. If perfectly healthy people refuse vaccinations, we are putting the truly vulnerable at even higher risk or infection and death.
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