Make Dyeing Animals Illegal in California

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: California State Legislature

At a recent NBA game, a Miami Heat fat dyed their dog yellow to make it look like Pikachu. Some thought it was cute and clever, and nearby fans can be seen pointing and smiling at the animal. And after an interview was conducted with the dog's owner, the man admitted to getting the dye in California, with no remorse and no intention to remove the dye.

Sign now to demand the California state legislature making dyeing animals fur illegal once and for all!

The owner of the dog claims that there was no harm done in the process of dyeing, but there is no way for anyone to corroborate that claim. And to make matters worse, airing these stunts during a nationally televised sporting event means there are likely to be copycats and imitators, many of whom use cheap products and in turn make their pets suffer greatly to look "cute" or "funny."

The fact that the man made a dog endure cross-country travel to dye his fur to match a cartoon is tragic, and if dyeing animals was illegal in California, it would not have been possible. Luckily, there is an ordinance in Miami-Dade County against this behavior, but when the state of California allows it, there is an obvious loophole.

Sign the petition now to tell California legislators: live up to your commitments to animal welfare! Make dyeing animals' fur illegal in the state!

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