End the War on Drugs,Now!

    People are still suffering from mass incarcerations and more are joining them behind bars each and every single moment!!! These are not Drug Dealers,These are not Cartel Members,Bank Robbers,Rapists,Racist Hitmen,Home-Invaders trying to kill You;instead,it's Our Friends,Our Neighbors,it's all if Our Loved Ones,who are afflicted with Substance Abuse Issues and are unfortunatel enough to be caught by Law Enforcement, with small amounts of any number of substances including Marijuana for Personal Use! America Voted to see this nonsense of ruining Lives of Users,stripping away of Our Constitutional Rights over a Substance Issue!!!! Substances don't have Human Rights,but Users,Addicts,Yes,We do!!!
    The United Nations has even announced that it finds the US War on Drugs as a War on People and is Cruel and Inhumane!!! We voted in the Socialist, Democratic Movement,to see Economics change,from Selfish Capitalists,to the Common Man. We voted for alot of things and and I belong in the group of majority Who agreed with everything Bernie Sanders had to say during the last Presidential Debates. Now,take action to work for America,do what We hired You to do, Represent Us, do Our Will,not Mitch McConnell's!!! Tem this,every moment We allow Drug War Policies to Survive, Addicts will Die, because They can't Legally reach out for Rescue. Innocent Lives, already in dispair are being further ruined by the same Institutions of Injustice! Marin users are being cuffed and hauled in to jails, prisons and drug courts like Criminals. You know as well as I do, Substance Abuse is an Illness,not a Criminal Offense,take actions now to end the Millions of cases barbarism against American Citizens each and every day. The system takes no time off,so, even during Holidays,Days of Worship,Our Friends, Neighbors,Lived Ones and possibly even Ourselves,can fall victim at any Moment! Make Your Stand today!!! My Father was in the U. S. Army during the Vietnam Conflict. He did not risk His all, for a Corrupt Government,to vanquish Our Rights, for Unconditional Drug Legislation that Criminalized My Freedoms of Choice!!!
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