Stop Trump and DeVos from forcing kids into unsafe schools!

  • par: OD Action
  • destinataire: President Trump and Betsy DeVos

New cases are rising in the majority of states. But Trump knows that if schools don't reopen this fall, it will be clear proof of his utter failure to control the pandemic and a critical blow to his reelection campaign.

So Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Trump have announced their demands: opening our schools no matter what. No shortened weeks or online options in high-risk areas...a full re-opening across-the-board during our rising pandemic.

Sign here to tell Betsy DeVos and Trump that our children's safety should be higher priority than Trump's reelection optics.

And states that want to try adjusted reopenings, prioritizing safety in the face of surging cases? Trump has threatened governors with retaliation by cutting-off funding, whether education or COVID-related.

He and DeVos are closing their eyes to the potential devastating consequences of sending 56 million children and two million teachers back into close quarters, spreading the virus not just to those attending, but every single member of the household at home.

Add your name to tell Trump and Betsy DeVos that bullying states into reopening schools for the sake of Trump's reelection doesn't solve our pandemic or help our students. We need our leaders taking safety into consideration.

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