Help Families Across the UK to Grow Their Own Produce

The Goal: To encourage healthy, sustainable living by helping families in the UK to grow vegetables in their garden

The Problem: Improving sustainability is a key environmental goal of many countries, including the UK. With climate change speeding up, we need to do everything we can to reduce our nation's environmental impact. One way to help achieve this could be to reduce our reliance on pre-packaged produce and switching over to own-grown produce. This is especially true considering the fact that around 90% of the UK's households come with garden spaces, which could easily be used to grow fruits and vegetables. 

However, due to a lack of awareness of the importance and benefits of growing your own vegetables, the vast majority of the public still doesn't bother. Instead, 80% of us are dependent on imported produce. We believe that the government needs to do more to reduce our reliance on this imported produce and improve sustainability by helping families to grow their own produce.

The Solution: To raise public awareness regarding the issue and show people how easy it is to grow their own home-grown produce. The government could incentivize homeowners to start an allotment by reducing the upfront costs, such as by providing free gardening/growing tools like plastic sheds to low-income households. 

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