Please Stop Amendment 171 and Reject Anti-Vegan Censorship

  • par: Freya Harris
  • destinataire: European Commission and EU Member State Leaders

We the undersigned call upon you to reject Amendment 171, which unfairly regulated and censors dairy-related language, packaging and imagery on plant-based foods. More and more people are seeking alternatives to meat, milk, cheese and the like for the sake of not only personal health but protecting our planet's delicate ecology. People have a right to know which foods are sustainable, and which are healthful alternatives to meat and dairy.

Phrases such as "contains no dairy" or "creamy texture" could be banned, as well as any advertising that mentions scientific data showing a product results in lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Bizarrely, the amendment could even prohibit plant-based foods from using photos of their own products on their packaging!

Make it easier for people to switch over to plant-based diets and reject Amendment 171.

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