Scandinavian wolves need your help, NOW !!!!

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  • destinataire: To all people in power !!!

Wolves in Sweden and Norway are members of a joint cross-boundary Scandinavian wolf population. In both countries, the wolf population is monitored each winter. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Norwegian Environment Agency have made new joint Scandinavian guidelines and instructions for monitoring of wolves; these guidelines were used for monitoring in winter 2014-2015.
Numbers, distribution and trends in the wolf population in Scandinavia are primarily determined through a survey of family groups and territorial pairs during 1 October - 31 March. The survey of wolves is done mainly through snow-tracking and DNA-analyses of scats and urine. Information from GPS-collars, other research data and dead wolves are used when available. The County Administrative Boards in Sweden and Hedmark University College together with the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO) in Norway are responsible for collecting field data. They also confirm reports of tracks and other observations by the public. Contributions from the public are very important for wolf monitoring.
During winter 2014-2015, 49 family groups were documented in Scandinavia; 41 within Sweden, five on the Norwegian-Swedish border, and three within Norway. Nineteen territorial pairs were confirmed; 11 within Sweden, five on the border and three within Norway. Using the same method as last winter and based on the number of reproductions, Scandinavian wolf numbers were estimated to 460 (95% CI = 364-598), with the Swedish sub-population estimated to 415 (95% CI = 328-539). The calculation includes both alive and dead wolves during the monitoring period. The smaller Norwegian population was counted directly in the field. Inside cross-boundary territories, a minimum of 40 wolves were counted, in addition to 33-35 individuals found only in Norway.
One new Finnish-Russian immigrant wolf was verified in northeastern Sweden during winter. Two Finnish-Russian previously known wolves were still alive in the Swedish part of the population, both in separate family groups and both reproduced in spring 2014. The estimated average inbreeding coefficient in family groups was 0.25 in winter.

This is the latest report about the wolves norway & Sweden, after this came out they have hunted them down, norway & sweden need to stop killing nomadic wolves. We need to know more about genetics, and nomadic wolves, they must take responsibility for the natural fauna in Norway and Sweden. So please sign and tell the world that we need wild animals in the free and not just in the zoo park

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