Stop Run Away Mothers (SRAM)

    Stop run away mothers from running to other states or more than 50 miles with children .
    Said father needs to be on birth certificate or paternity has been proven. Mainly children born out of wedlock. If their is abuse of some kind physical, death threats, or drugs. Said mother needs to contact the police or go to police where DCF will put said mother in a temporary secerect home or room, till the courts can decide what to do next. During this time DCF will transport said child or children back and forth between parents 50/50 custody unless allegations of child abuse. False claims of child abuse could result to fines or jail time. If mother decides to run to other state and the accusations are proven false or no proof can be found for abuse, death threats, drug abuse, or child abuse. Then said mother could be broght back to face fines or jail time for minor kidnapping of a child or children.
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