Mother and father have equal rights

    it is a shame when one of the other parents think they have more control and more power than the other when it comes to their children but if you ask me the father has just as much as the mom the father has just the most rights to the children as a mama because he is a father just as well as she is the mama to have an equal rights because they had a teammate of making them children it was equal and making them so if you ask me ma'am they need to stop cuz the man is not worse than the female and a female and not worse then the male parent so I would want to call this one equal rights between both sets of parents man and woman cuz you ask me a Mac can do just as well as a woman can as a woman can do as a male can because where does the mail gets his rights and his ways from his mother because he was raised by a woman so he knows how to take care of himself
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