Danny Masterson Raped Four Women. Cancel His Show, Netflix

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Netflix did the right thing by cancelling House of Cards once they learned that the star, Kevin Spacey, was accused of sexual assault against a minor. Now it has come out that the star of The Ranch, Danny Masterson, allegedly raped four women. We must urge Netflix to continue to fire rapists.

Please sign this petition to urge Netflix to keep sending the message that they will not support rapists by cancelling The Ranch.

Danny Masterson has been accused of rape by four women, all in the early 2000s. At least three of these women were also members of the Church of Scientology, like Masters. Apparently they reported it there at the time, but the Church of Scientology is notorious for covering up abuse like this, so it's no surprise that they did nothing.

One woman describes Masterson raping her while she was passed out. She woke up during the act and struggling and he choked her until she passed out again.
The Church of Scientology put considerable effort behind trying to discount this woman. This a common strategy, discount the victim. But we have to stand up for these survivors, we have to elevate their voices and punish the perpetrators. 

It turns out Netflix knew about all of the rapes seven months ago, and they still green lighted season 4 of The Ranch, which will come out in December if we don't speak up. Because Masterson has had a long and successful career and it would be a lot of trouble to cancel his show, industry big wigs are standing up for him. This is unacceptable. 

Netflix is absolutely a leader in television right now. What they do sets the trend for everyone else. If they continue to do the right thing and fire anyone who endangers others, that will have a ripple effect in the entertainment industry.

Sign now to tell Netflix to cancel The Ranch and prove to us, their viewers that they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual assault. 
Mettre À Jour #3il y a 6 ans
A Netflix executive said they don't believe the four women's claims. This is exactly the problem: people in power unwilling to believe victims. The executive said this directly to one of Masterson's victims.
Mettre À Jour #2il y a 6 ans
The Church of Scientology apparently pressured the police not to investigate these allegations. We cannot allow a church to protect a rapist. Please share to keep putting pressure on Netflix to show they do not accept this injustice!
Mettre À Jour #1il y a 6 ans
Danny Masterson's publicist just suggested that because Masterson was in a relationship with one of his victims, he couldn't have raped her. This is just the kind of thinking that causing victim blaming. Anyone can say no to sex anytime they want, even if it's to their partner. Demand Netflix does something about this gross guy!
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