Demand businesses stop bankrolling the private school that teaches kids to discriminate!

In a shocking assignment leaked from Christian Academy of Louisville
(CAL) in Kentucky, teachers require their students to write a letter to a gay friend where they "lovingly and compassionately speak truth to the person" in ways that "[don't] approve of any sin." CAL is using their educational authority to breed prejudice, and students are already suffering.

Alumni of the school say this is nothing new — Jen Tullock said her decade at CAL taught her that her "very worth as a human being, was conditional." She continued to assert that "this cruel lie, and the lie that any child can or should reverse their very nature, has and will continue to harm the children to whom it's taught." 

Add your name to demand businesses stop bankrolling Christian Academy of Louisville!

There is nothing loving about teaching children that their very existence is sinful. Another CAL alum, Kylee Marcy, said her gay classmates "certainly felt ostracized by the school and the curriculum." The school is standing behind the assignment, citing the school's exclusionary "Statement of Faith and Theological Documents." The school would rather defend their abuse of power and continue discriminating against LGBTQ+ youth, and openly encouraging their peers to do the same for a grade, than create a supportive learning environment for all. 

LGBTQ+ kids are already over 5x more likely to attempt suicide. Isolation, judgment, and the explicit condemnation of their identity only promises to increase that statistic. Any company funding this institution and cosigning such hatred will almost certainly have blood on their hands.

Sign your name to call for businesses to stop funding CAL immediately!

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