Lets Demand More Government Support for Single parents Who Get No Child Support!!!!!

    The government should set up a program for Single Parents who do not get financial support from the other parents. Its making it so the single parents make a lower wage due to child care expenses ECT. Its not enough to just set up domestic relations. Half the time they don't pay anyway. There should be a tax to support single parents. An a monthly payment should be made for these kids. Who alot of them are in poverty due to lack of another income in the home. There is not enough accountability for men to support the children they make. The woman has all the responsibilities an financial burdens. This is unfair an completely ludicrous in this day an age for this to continue. The parents who don't pay should have to pay extra taxes an should lose privileges. They should also not be able to take advantage of government assistance either. They should be made to go to work if the go to jail. There is so much we can do to help this situation an incentivise these parents to support their children no matter what.
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