Spain's New Animal Rights Bill Leaves Out Hunting Dogs

Spain's parliament just passed a sweeping new animal rights bill, but left out an important and neglected group of animals: hunting dogs.

Sign the petition to demand the Spanish Government protect hunting dogs!

Every year, thousands of dogs are bred and purchased for Spain's hunting season. These poor dogs live depressing lives, spending most of their lives in frozen kennels, forced to live in their own excrement or drink dangerous, dirty water. 

At the end of hunting season, the dogs that don't perform end up abandoned or brutally killed.

Sadly, the fact that hunting dogs are excluded from the bill is thanks to Spain's powerful hunting lobby – the country's hunting industry is worth about 5 billion euros ($5.4 billion) a year.

For the animals the bill does protect, the new bill is wonderful for animal rights. It bans the sale of pets in shops, converts zoos into wildlife recovery centers, and establishes prison sentences for animal abusers. 

These animals are at especially high risk for abuse and slaughter, so it's more important than ever that policy makers ensure their protection with a law.

Sign the petition to demand the Spanish Government amend the bill to include hunting dogs!

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