Let Kashmir Express Their Voice

Kashmir is an international acclaimed issue which need to be solved as per UN charter. Jammu & KASHMIR was once an independent country but later it was invaded by neighbouring countries .
The Pakistan administered KASHMIR is free but Indian occupied Kashmir was accessed to india based on Article 370 & 37A, which gives autonomy to J& K besides controlled by India.
The issue need to be solved as per UN charter, but India unilaterally revoked autonomous State of J&K and tried to occupy it fully.
Now the J& K is under controlled by India army almost 9 lakh army men.
There is no communication service , no news from KASHMIR. The govt of india is lying to outside world that situation there is normal but i have been there and i myself have seen the situation, it is no more than hell.
there is no food supply, medicine. people are fed up with these atrocities.
Now my mission is to at least restore communication service there so that people of Kashmir will express their situation to outside world.
Let Kashmir Express Their Voice.

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