When This Man Was Reunited With His Poor Lost Dog, He Brutally Beat It

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: The South Yorkshire Police

*UPDATE* We have heartening news: the South Yorkshire Police arrested the man identified in the footage! And they didn't stop there -- the little dog that the man abused so violently was thankfully removed from his clutches. This sweet animal is finally safe thanks to your hard work! But we need to keep the pressure on. The man was released from police custody under investigation, and we need to make sure he is charged with animal abuse! Keep signing and sharing the petition.

When the
CCTV footage begins, it's not hard to tell what's happening. A few good Samaritans are standing around, and in their care is a little, gray dog. A man is approaching them, having just gotten off of his bike, and he shows them something on his phone -- ostensibly a picture of the dog, proving that it is his. The video is shaping up to be a sweet reunion. But after putting away his phone, the man approaches the dog and the dog immediately cowers away from him. This is the first sign that something is wrong. Then, so quickly that no one in the video has time to react, the man grabs the dog by the collar and smashes his fist directly into the sweet pup's face one, two, three times. He then drags it hard, flipping it on its back for a moment, before choking it and yanking it back to where his bike is. He rips off the leash from the collar, which those kind and concerned people must have used to keep the dog safe from running off. The video cuts off, and it is clear that any attempts to keep the little dog safe ended when it went back to its violent owner.

Please sign the petition and urge the South Yorkshire Police to find this man immediately so he can't hurt another animal or person!

The video evidence should make this an open and shut case. The abuse and the perpetrator's identity are seen clear as day. There is no reason he should not be apprehended and made to face the consequences of his violent actions.

Under the UK'S 2006 Animal Welfare Act, animal abuse is defined as many things, including inflicting unnecessary suffering on an animal. Not only did this man cause his dog to suffer, but it is clear from the dog's attitude towards him that this was not the first time. In no world is it okay to strike a poor animal like this. But the evidence suggesting that this was ongoing abuse means that this man will likely continue to abuse this and other animals. Plus, the link between animal abuse and abuse towards humans is a proven fact. If this man goes unpunished, we cannot be certain he won't escalate to harming people too.

One of the punishments for animal cruelty in the UK is being banned from ever owning an animal again, and that is the very least that should be done in this case. Please join us by signing the petition asking the South Yorkshire Police to find this man and arrest him for animal abuse!
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