Make victim blaming illegal

    I feel in the law and in the court they blame victims and saying it was there fault for what happened to them and that is wrong because at the end of the day we’re not the ones who caused pain and endless suffering our abusers did and we never asked for the endless pain or suffering or the disrespect the abuser caused. The fact that the law or the courts won’t let us stick up for themselves. I think it’s not right because we should have a right to stick up for ourselves and be able to get the chance to not only tell the court the abuser the pain and disrespect they caused out when we were with them. I was a victim of victim blame and when I tried to ask if I can stick up for myself they said no. Not only that victim blaming has a big effect such as major Insecurities where they feel they will never get the justice they deserve or there voice is never heard and it causes anger and to be able to never trust the justice system. I want victims men or woman to get the justice they deserve
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