Abortion Is Not a Luxury. It's a Right!

5/31/2021 CARE2 UPDATE: We have wonderful news for advocates of abortion rights like you! In his 2022 budget proposal, President Biden left out the Hyde Amendment -- the ban on federal funding for abortions. This amendment disproportionately harms low income people and other marginalized groups that already have a difficult time obtaining abortions, and eliminating it is one step closer to more equal access to this vital healthcare. But the budget hasn't been approved yet -- keep signing to get rid of the Hyde Amendment once and for all!


For more than 40 years, the Hyde Amendment has forced women to pay for abortions—a human right protected by U.S. law—out of their own pockets. In essence, it labels abortion a luxury instead of a right.

The result of this and other state and federal restrictions on abortion funding is a catastrophic denial of women's reproductive rights that disproportionately affects the most vulnerable women.

One out of every four women who would seek a Medicaid-funded abortion is forced to instead give birth when funding is unavailable. And, 51 percent of women enrolled in Medicaid and subject to abortion coverage restrictions are women of color. Essentially, we are forcing the poorest women to give birth and then expecting them to be able to afford raising a child — it just doesn't make any sense!

It's time for Congress to start protecting women's abortion access instead of restricting it.

Earlier this month, the EACH Woman Act was introduced in Congress. If passed, the act will undo the restrictions imposed by the Hyde Amendment and other abortion funding laws and policies to ensure abortion is accessible to every woman.

The EACH Woman act guarantees that every woman who receives medical insurance or care through the federal government will have coverage for abortion services. It also prevents the government from intervening with private insurance to prevent abortion coverage.

Sign the petition and tell Congress it's time to pass the EACH Woman Act and ensure abortion is accessible to every woman, regardless of economic circumstance.

Women living in poverty are among those most affected by the Hyde Amendment and other abortion funding restrictions. And, research shows that denying a woman an abortion puts her at greater risk of falling into poverty.

Access to safe, legal abortion is a human right. It is not a luxury. It's time Congress stopped treating it like one.

Please sign the petition now and tell Congress to pass the EACH Woman Act to overturn the Hyde Amendment and ensure all women have access to safe, legal abortion care.

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We’re almost to 45,000 signatures in support of the EACH Woman Act! Could you take a minute to share the petition with your friends? Congress needs to know that abortion isn’t a luxury—it’s EVERY woman’s right!
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