Urge Indiana Bishop to Reinstate Wrongfully Canceled Priest, Father DeOreo

A priest is fighting for his good name, for justice and the defense of truth. He is involved in two concurrent proceedings, one civil and one canonical. The civil claim:

Father DeOreo vs. Father Theodore Dudzinski and the Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Lafayette of Indiana.

Fr. DeOreo enlisted a canon lawyer to seek canonical solutions for his termination.
This unfortunately became necessary after the bishop of Lafayette Indiana rejected negotiations.

Refer to this press release here:


We urgently ask you to sign this petition to request Bishop Doherty of the Diocese of Lafayette to rightfully reinstate Father DeOreo as associate pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church!  He already has been suspended for two years.  We need good priests like Fr. DeOreo.

Fr. DeOreo was suspended from priestly ministry in March of 2022 after allegations were brought against him by a young man and his family claiming Fr. DeOreo caused his anorexia linking his disorder with the program, Exodus 90, as promoted by Fr. DeOreo and his entire parish. Indeed, when this young man lodged the complaint with the Diocese of Lafayette Indiana in 2021, the diocese investigated and found the claim baseless. Yet the diocese continued to pay for the young man's therapy despite this conclusion.

| Note that in September 2022 Father DeOreo filed a defamation lawsuit against the young man to clear his name after attempts to pursue all other routes failed. That case settled favorably for Fr. DeOreo in February 2024, clearing the path for Father DeOreo to be reinstated to ministry. |

After eight months of therapy sessions, as outlined in Fr. DeOreo's March 8th complaint, the young man emerged with fresh allegations against Fr. DeOreo. This time, he accused the priest of sexual harassment. According to the complaint filed by Fr. DeOreo, the diocesan Vicar General, Fr. Theodore Dudzinski, unusually attended the young man's therapy sessions and encouraged him to consider any possible instances where Fr. DeOreo might have engaged in such behavior. The implication was that the young man would receive financial compensation if he made such accusations.

Subsequently, the young man formally accused Fr. DeOreo of sexual harassment, leading to Fr. DeOreo being restricted from ministry with minors. The same investigatory team that had previously reviewed the anorexia claim was convened to examine these new allegations. However, their investigative efforts were limited to interviewing the young man, who explicitly stated, "I would like to be clear from the start, at no point was there any sexual contact." Based on the lack of evidence supporting sexual abuse, The Diocesan Review Board deemed the new allegations not credible, and the investigatory team did not pursue the claim further.

Despite the Diocesan Review Board's decision, Father DeOreo faced repercussions. Surprisingly, it wasn't due to sexual allegations but rather because of his alleged violation of a November decree that restricted his interactions with minors at the parish. In his March 8 Complaint, Father DeOreo maintained that he had fully adhered to the November decree.
In an effort to clear his name, Fr. DeOreo took the matter to court. The diocese showed no interest in investigating the truth, prompting him to file a defamation complaint against the young man who had initially made the accusations. In February of this year (2024), Fr. DeOreo settled the case with the young man, believing that this resolution would lead to his reinstatement to full ministry within the diocese.

However, when it became evident that neither the bishop nor the diocese intended to reinstate him, Fr. DeOreo felt compelled to pursue legal action further. A petition has been initiated, urging Bishop Timothy L. Doherty to promptly reinstate Father DeOreo, who has been unjustly suspended from priestly ministry for two years. Our unwavering support is crucial in advocating for his swift return.

1. Justice for Father DeOreo: By signing this petition, you contribute to rectifying an unjust suspension from priestly ministry. Let's stand together for fairness and truth.

2. Uphold Compassion: Father DeOreo has dedicated his life to serving the Church and the faithful. Your signature ensures that justice and mercy prevails over authoritarian overreach.

3. Restore a Shepherd: Father DeOreo is more than a priest; he's an orthodox shepherd guiding his flock. Sign the petition to restore him to his rightful role.

4. Unity in Support: Our collective voice matters. Join fellow believers in advocating for yet another sidelined priest, for his swift return to ministry.

5. A Chance for Healing: By signing, you help heal wounds caused by this prolonged suspension. Let's bring hope back to our Catholic faith community.

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